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Agricultural Products
Wonderful Formosan Fruits Website
Product Name Season Production  Place
Pipa Jan. – Apr. Chihshang Township、Taimali Township、Beinan Township
Jackfruit Jan. – May. ,May. – Sep. Chenggong Township、Guanshan Township、Dawu Township、Taimali Township、Beinan Township
Sugar Apple Jan. – Mar., Jul. – Oct. Beinan Township、Donghe Township、Taimali Township、Taitung City、 
Luye Township
Valencia Orange Feb. – Apr. Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、Guanshan Township
Plum Mar. –Apr. Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、 
Haiduan Township、Luye Township、Yanping Township、Beinan Township
Pineapple Mar. –Jul. Luye Township、Beinan Township
Pear May. –Jun. Guanshan Township、Beinan Township、Chihshang Township、Taimali Township、 
Luye Township
Daylily May. – Oct. Taimali Township、Chihshang Township、Jinfong Township、Changbin Township
Dragon Fruit May. – Nov.

Luye Township、Taimali Township、Changbin Township、Beinan Township

Millet May. – Jul., Oct. – Dec. Jinfong Township、Dawu Township、Dawu Township、Haiduan Township、Yanping Township
Passion Fruit Jun. – Feb. Donghe Township、Guanshan Township、Chihshang Township、Taimali Township、 Luye Township、 Taitung City
Red Sugar Can Oct. – Feb. Guanshan Township、Luye Township
Grape Fruit and White Pomelo Oct. – Jan. Donghe Township
Roselle Nov. – Dec. Jinfong Township、Taimali Township、 
Luye Township、 
Beinan Township
Mandarin Nov. – Feb. Donghe Township、Chenggong Township、 
Changbin Township、Taimali Township
Pineapple Sugar Apple Dec. – Apr. Donghe Township、Luye Township、Taimali Township、Taitung City、Beinan Township
White Corn All Year Chihshang Township、Guanshan Township、Luye Township
Fulu Tea All Year Luye Township、 Beinan Township