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 Tourism Bureau ,ROC ,Website另開新視窗

 Taitung County Government , Website另開新視窗

 Welcome to Taitung , Website另開新視窗

 Department of Tourism ,Taitung County Government  (089)357131

 East Coast National Scenic Area  (089)841520 ext.1800

 Basian Cavers Visitor Center   (089)881418

 Sansiantai Cavers Visitor Center  (089)850785

 Shiauyeliou Visitor Cnter (089)281136

 Lyudao Visitor Center   (089)672027

 East Rift Valley National Scenic Area  (03)8875306 ext.667、662

 Luye Vistor Center(089)550843

 Guanshan Water Park(089)814542

 Chulu Pasutre (089)571002

 National Museum of Prehistory(089)381166

 Beinan Culture Park(089)233466

 Jhihben forest Scenic Area(089)510171

 National Taitung Oceanarium(089)854702

 Taiung County Visitors Associaton(089)323987

 Taiung county Association of Travel Agents(089)332500

 Taiung County Associaton of Recreaton & Leisure Industry (089)231666

Traffic condition

South Link Line Highway & Taiwan Provincial Highway No.11-Taiturn ConstructionSection(089)811434

East Rift Valley & Taiwan Provincial Highway No.20-Gransan Construction Section(089)811434

Taiwan Provincial No.20-Chulai Police Station of Haiduan Township (089)931004


 DOH’s Taitung Hospital(089)324112

 Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch (089)310150

 Taitung Christian Hospital(089)323362

 Taitung St. Mary’s Hospital (089)322833

 Taitung Veterans Hospital (089)222995


 Taitung Railway Station(089)229687

 Taitung Airport (089)362531

 Far Eastern Air 46666789

 UNI Airways (089)362625

 Mandarin airlines (089)362669

 Eastern Top Transport(Dingdong)-Sea Route(089)333443

 Eastern Top Transport(Dingdong)-Mountain Route(089)333023

 Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Company (089)322027

 Remote Islands Transportaion (Taitung-Lyudao,lanyu)

 Daily Air Corporation (089)362489

 Hsinfa Marine transport (089)281477

 Lunghong Marine Transport (089)280226

 Kaihsuan Transport  (089)281047