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The Natural Environment
Legend has it that the fairy land of Penglai was the meditation place of Fairy Lu Dong-Bing. I guess they are talking about this place. Indeed, the mountains at the west reach the sky, the majestic cliffs guard the valley, the clear coastline extends into the horizon, and the rocks in different majestic postures stand in grander. The sky stares into the ocean and the mists create the mystic aura.

Taitung has highly varied geological features - from mountains to the valleys, from plains to the coastline, the hills slope gradually to the east. The Central Mountain Ridge hosts a series of vallies at the upper-stream. Rush waters pierce through the area and slice the cliffs into valleys. Guanshan, Beinan Mountain, Jhiben Mountain, Dawushan..., mountains of 2900 to 3600 create a shield. Temples, waterfalls, and farm villages, refinement mixes with majesty into a picturesque tranquility. The coastline of Taitung is long and full of surprises. Rocks protrude to bounce off the white waters. Under the blue sky ferments an attitude for simple life and the coast expressway showcases special amour along the breezes.

Taitung County canvasses an area of 3,515 square meters, approximately 9.78% of the total area of Taiwan. It is one of the largest county in the country, ranking next to Huaien and Nantou Counties. The farthest-east point is the east of the Small Lanyu (121°37’04’’ E), the farthest-west point is south of Dawushan (Jinfeng Township, 21°56’24’’ N), the farthest-south point is the south tip of the Small Lanyu (21°56’24’ N), and the farthest-north point is Jhiluo Mountain (Changbing Township, 23°26’32’’ S). The north and south point stretch to 166km, making Taitung the longest county in the country.

Mountains guarding the west of Taitung County are majestic and mystical. Clouds and mists circle on top of the cliffs, rivers cut through the steep hills, and valleys and plains interweave in between the mountains and the coasts. It is an ingenious design of the nature.

The east coast hosts an array of coastal geology, including rubble beach, sand beach, rock shore, and coral reefs; among which, the coastlines of Sansiantai and little Yeliu are the most unique and interesting. Sea eroded platforms, caves, and trenches are seen everywhere in the area. The rare sea eroded caves and ditches are the best witnesses to the land rising phenomenon.