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Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects

This Law is drafted in aim to upgrade the quality of public services, expedite socio-economic development, and promote private participation in public infrastructure development.
For details of Promotion related regulations, please click on the “File Download” link.

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 Investor Information
Industrial Investment Deep Ocean Water (DOW)/Green Energy and Industry
Industrial Investment New Development in Agriculture/Alcohol Industry
Tourism Investment International Holiday Resorts
Living Food, Accommodation, Shopping/ suitable for long stay/basic resources
 Contact Window

Window for Information Relating to Promotion Projects under Administration of Taitung County Government

Project Name Contact Person Office Remark
  Name: Huang Li-Jing
TEL: (089)322714
Planning Section Please See the Contact Window
  Name: Guo Mao-Sheng
TEL: (089)343582
Supervision and evaluation section Please see the list under management
Four Season Resort Construction Management Name : Gao Xiao-Hui
TEL: (089)332334
Tourism Bureau contract signed
Private Shanyuan Beach Resort Investment Name : Gao Xiao-Hui
TEL: (089)332334
Tourism Bureau contract signed
Taitung County Sewage System BOT Project Name : Lai Yin-Ting
TEL: (089)360541
Public Works Bureau contract not signed
Jhiben General Park BOT Project Name : Zhong Zheng-You
TEL: (089) 326141 ext.353
Tourism Bureau contract not signed