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Taitung Impressions
 Impressions of the Beauty
east coast
The east coast is surrounded by the beautiful coastline and mountains. Situated right in between the ocean and the continental plates, activities of the two plates created the mountains, slice the hills into river, and eroded the rocks into beautiful sculptures. The geological activities give Taitung the special sights and sounds. The mountains, at the west of Taitung are majestic and mystical and the rivers run through them intertwine into rich sources. Between the mountains and the ocean, valleys and plains weave the beauty of the nature's creations.
The East Coast is made of mainly pebble beach, sand beach, rock cliffs, and coral reefs. Especially, the Sansiantai and little Yeliou of the most unique and majestic of all. The whole area is adorned by sea eroded terraces, caves, and ditches. The caves and ditches are the best proves of the rising phenomenon.
tour impressions
Taitung scenic spot
Other than the rich ethnic cultures, the Changbing, Beinan, and Cilin prehistoric remains make this place a popular destination. The natural resources are even more diversified - cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, creeks, lakes, hot springs, rock coasts, coral reefs, and remote islands; all these places are paradises to rich animal/plant ecologies. The thick amour of the simple Taitung flair will certainly temp you into the wonders. Taitung's recreation of system can be divided into the South Valley, the river valley, East Coast, southern railway (Jhiben), the town center, Lyudao, and Lanyu (Orchid Island).
Whether you choose to check into the valley, drive along the coastline, take a boat to see the whales, take a plane to the remote islands, soak yourself in the hot springs, or just simply take a stroll in the beautiful views and a taste the wild vegetables, all options are in the best choice destination - Taitung.
impressions of the specials
taitung environment
The best environment and climate endows Taitung with abundant resources. The black-tide in the Pacific Ocean brings rich fishing resources, and a plain is the home to the famous rice. Tea leaves, daylilies, and Roselle are treasures of the hills. Taitung not only satisfies your visual sensations but also give you the best treats to your tastes
impressions of ethnics
Taitung culture
Taitung is home to seven ethnics, Bunun, Paiwan, Lukai, Amis, Beinan, Yamis, and Gamalan. The high diversity is unique not only in Taiwan but also in the world. The high density of aboriginal population brings Taitung vivid colors of cultural resources.