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The County Administration Team



Operation and Contact Numbers

Unit Name Operation Contact Number
Governor Direct the county administration and supervise the staffs and subsidiary units in the local administration work and affairs delegated from the central government (089)322342 ext.200
Deputy Governor Assist the Mayor. (089)322342 ext.203~204
Chief Secretary The chief of staff, taking orders and directions from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. (089)330661 ext.205~206
Senior Consumer Ombudsman Officer In charge of consumer protection related affairs (089)330577
Civil Service
Ethics Department
Supervise government worker ethics and conduct legal education (089)320247
Personnel  Department In charge of personnel management and personnel related affairs (089)321009
Accounting and Statistics  Department In charge of the annual budget, accounting, and statistics. Budgeting Section (089)322083
Accounting Section (089)330374
Review Section(089)330359
Statistics Section (089)330374
International Development and Planning  Department In charge of general planning, information management, research and development, control and evaluation, journalism and communication, public relations, public services, international affairs, and Mainland China related affairs. Planning and Evaluation Section (089)322714
Journalism and Communication Section(089)322390
Public Service Section (089)341668
Information Development Section (089)340785
International Promotion Section(089)343582
General Affairs  Department In charge of the legal affairs, appeals, national indemnity, consumer disputes, legal eighths, authority seals, documents, files, general administration, public affairs, and other non-delegate affairs. Documentation Section (089)352746
Legal Affairs Section (089)361314
General Affairs Section (089)322716
Archives Section (089)326141 ext.233~234
Indigenous People  Department In charge of the indigenous related affairs, including counseling, human resource development, cultural preservation and maintenance, reserve management and development, industry development, economic development, infrastructure development. Culture and Education Administration Section
Tribal Village Economic Section (089)320112
Reserve Land Section (089)322081
Tribal Village Infrastructure Section (089)343141
Cultural Affairs  Department In charge of historic documents and relics preservation, including preservation and reusing of traditional architectures, tribes, and historical landmarks. Conduct folk culture studies and cultural/historic researchers, promote community arts and culture activities, assist cultural foundations, manage museums, promote performing arts, and develop art human resources, manage public arts, museums, and libraries. Library Management Section (089)350383
Arts Promotion Section (089)350382
Performing Arts Section (089)350381
Visual Arts Section (089)341148
Cultural Heritage Section (089)350129
Tourism  Department In charge of tourism administration, tourism business management, development and resource utilization for tourism, promote tourism, and conduct relevant technical engineering. Planning Section (089)332334
Management Section (089)357095
Tourism Facilities Section (089)357368
Recreation Section(089)357131
Taitung County Tourist Information Center
Land Administration Department In charge of land registration, land rights, land prices, land uses, land zoning, land planning, land survey, sectional taxes, and general land administration Land Survey Section (089)326654
Land Use Section (089)343145
Land Readjustment Section (089)350313
Land Value Section (089)347110
Land Cadaster Section (089)350058
Land Right Section (089)351441
Social Affairs  Department in charge of social administration, social welfare, social insurance, labor administration, social aid, social work,? cooperative administration, labor-employee relationships, labor organizations, labor criteria, labor welfare, employment placement, and labor safety and hygiene administration. Women and Children Welfare Section (089)320172
Social Welfare Section (089)350731
Labor Administration Section (089)328254
Social Affairs Administration Section (089)349773
Agriculture  Department In charge of counseling for former, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry associations, agricultural planning, agriculture product wholesale management, farm land management, farm chemical use management, civil engineering, farm road management and maintenance, natural preservation, wild animal preservation, animal protection. Planning Section (089)346781
Nature Conservation Section (089)321512
Soil and Water Conservation Section (089)323071
Animal Science Section (089)343357
Fisheries Section (089)343209
Forestry Section (089)343611
Agricultural Affairs Section (089)327904
Education  Department In charge of education administration, national education, social education, supplementary education, special education, early childhood education, teacher development and further education, health education, and sports education Compulsory Education Section (089)322002
School Facilities Section (089)318302
Physical and Health Education Section (089)339441
Social Education Section (089)311700
Special Education Section (089)361225
Eduction Network Center (089)359542
Public Works  Department In charge of civil engineering and transportation administration, construction management, water and irrigation engineering, sewage engineering, drainage engineering, illegal structure management, transportation engineering, and public projects. Civil Engineering Section (089)325394
Water Resources Section (089)346463
River Management Section (089)320866
Public Works Section (089)327249
Sewage Section(089)360541
Finance and Economic Development Department In charge of financial administration, tax administration, tobacco/alcohol management, treasury account, public properties, public liabilities, public accounts, and local financial institution management. Financial Management Section (089)322082
Treasury Section (089)330683
Public Assets Section (089)332080
Local Financial Institutions Section (089)360805
Civil Affairs Department In charge of civil administration, household registration, religions and customs, burial ground administration, mediation, public properties, military service registration, Hakka affairs. Local Governance Section (089)330081
Household Registration Section (089)343639
Folk Custom Section (089)311090
Military Services Section (089)335696
Hakka Affairs Section (089)327344
Conscription Section (089)335690